WHERE WE ARE AT by Thomas H. Barber


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Sub-titled ""A Guide for Enlightened Conservatives"", there is nothing very discernibly enlightened about Mr. Barber who from his experience which has included cow-punching, New England farming, investment banking and political campaigning has reached certain conclusions. These deal with our ""dislike of and discontent with our government; too much taxation; not enough income"", and his book is a criticism of the lack of opportunity and freedom which now prevails, the increase and abuse of special statutory privileges, the throttichold of bureaucracy and its bonanza, the income tax, and there are of course some gratuitous snipes at Roosevelt, the Now Doal, labor, the U.N., the Marshall plan, the British, etc. Beyond its voicing of reaction and its refusal to consider the basic reasons for the rise in taxation, this is also at times a dangerous book, overtly intolerant and insufficiently informed.

Pub Date: Oct. 16th, 1950
Publisher: Scribner