THIS IS MY LIFE by Thyra Ferre Bjorn


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KIRKUS REVIEW all about Thrya Ferre Bjorn from the time that she received that memorable telephone call from New York telling her that Papa's Wife was ""finally going to become a book, a book that would have many pages and a number on each page."" Mrs. Bjorn tells how it and its successors came to be written (""Writing a book is much like having a baby"") and how they fared. Her own life changed as she added ""career woman"" to wife-and-motherly duties and delights. She lectured about the country, she visited Sweden and the Queen, and with Mama's Way learned to reach out spiritually to an audience that answered her in grateful letters. Mrs. Bjorn shares her younger daughter's wedding, the death of Mama and of Margaret, the first of the eight Ferre children to go to her Heavenly Father. Mrs. Bjorn writes on a Smith-Corona portable where she can watch the view... ""I just let the words come,"" she says. They come--and go On.

Publisher: Holt, Rinehart & Winston