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Famous Author Jessica Littman is in New York to speak to her fellow Barnard grads at a reunion. (Back home upstate, nice Alec is waiting to end her widowhood--husband Sam died four years before.) But what's the matter with Margery Mellson, Jessica's old roommate? Margery, whom Jessica hasn't seen in 19 years, seems to be in a manic mode swinging from a hostessy high to a boozing low. Could it have to do with Margery's husband Leo--who was Jessica's first mad passion? Probably not: Jessica (orphaned and poor, bright and Jewish) never revealed this amour to Margery (rich, beautiful, bright, and WASP). So why is Margery's domestic decorum such a disaster, sliding into rows, elbow-bending, and enigmatic references to the past? Readers of Stein's trendy angles on homosexuality in All the Time There is (1977) will probably guess The Truth long before the nasty underbelly of the long-ago triangle flops into view on a sea of alcohol. And, while waiting for Margery to blab, one is forced to idle through Clairol patter about gaddy-glad publishing types, flashbacks to dear dead college days, an effusive tribute to Barnard, and--a bonus--a rather interesting meatloaf recipe. Glossy.

Pub Date: April 21st, 1980
Publisher: Atheneum