BUT DADDY! by Tom Buck


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What consumes 18,980 quarts of milk per year without really trying? Eleven children of course. What is the basic survival instinct of parents of such a brood? A sense of humor, natch, and happily Mr. Buck has a fine one. It's like the opening day at Insanesville just getting them to school not to mention occasions like the annual en masse birthday celebration or Christmas. With wife Pat constantly battling to ""get organized once and for all."" Take the typical Sunday with the family (good Irish Catholics) participating in all the Masses. Daddy driving on his sixteenth trip (the equivalent of 96 miles) to and from Church when a policeman arrives at the house to arrest him for neglecting a parking summons. Mom pregnant, harassed, embarrassed (it was her fine). Children delighted. When seven-year-old deftly unzips officer's trousers and Mom out of sheer instinct zips them back up. The summons was dropped, as the law fled in consternation. It all makes for family entertainment--giant economy sized.

Pub Date: Sept. 13th, 1967
Publisher: Morrow