FIG TALE by Tony Johnston


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This attempt at flaky hilarity concerns a pastry chef named Gaylord who specializes in fig souffle and plants what he thinks is a fig tree in his front yard, but realizes, after the squealing tree devours ali his pastry and one by one the pink blossoms drop off onto the ground, what anyone who read the ""MAGIC PIG TREE"" sign at the market knew from the start. A dumb enough mistake in itself, but when Johnston sends Gaylord back to market, and home with another presumed fig plant that is clearly labeled ""FROG TREE,"" we're willing to let these blossoms croak unseen. Maestro does up his absurd foliage and contrastingly trim little houses in appropriate sugar frosting colors, but even his usually luxuriant imagination seems stunted by Johnston's flat and flavorless concoction.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1974
Publisher: Putnam