MICK JAGGER: Everybody's Lucifer by Tony Scaduto

MICK JAGGER: Everybody's Lucifer

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It comes as no surprise that Scaduto should be as mesmerized by His Satanic Majesty's sequin eye-shadow as any other groupie who gets his rocks off on ""the androgynous yin-yang totem who figures in the sexual fantasies of little girls and big men"" -- chalk it up to Jagger's perfidy (so what else is new?). As with his Bob Dylan (1971) Scadnto again gathers the tribes, the walking wounded (and Brian Jones now tragically dead) to say their piece, and predictably it's the women -- the ones before Bianca who couldn't do what she did, marry Mick -- who have the most to say: there's Chrissie Shrimpton and Marianne Faithfull, both of them attempted suicides. Scaduto details Jagger's climb out of suburban respectability (the London School of Economics days when he behaved like any other obedient son), the early successes as the Little Boy Blue and the Blue Boys (then as now the Beautiful People were tuned in), the international tours and growing notoriety of the Rolling Stones. Scaduto's primarily into (indecent) exposure -- who'd be silly enough to deny Mick's campy power? -- but as for illumination, he's about 2000 Light Years From Home.

Pub Date: June 28th, 1974
Page count: 895pp
Publisher: McKay