THE HIDDEN LAND by Ursula Graham Bower


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The author of Drums Behind the Hill (reported in July 1, 1950 bulletin, p. 379) has taken another turn in the road of adventure, this time in the company of her husband,Tim, who was delegated first Political Officer of the Apa Tani Valley area in Northern India in 1946. Building a track to be safely followed as the ""King's Highway"" through land occupied by the peacefully agricultural Apa Tanis and the fierce Daflas who raided and torched the villages was quite a task. And at Kore, Tim raised the flag and began a negotiation center where headman came to work out difficulties and civic difficulties were handled by Tim. The author's often tart descriptions of the natives tell a good deal of their ways of life, colorful and hard. With the independence of India, the work of the years seemed to come to nothing, but there was consolation in the memory of the crossing of lifestreas with the people left behind in the beautiful Apa Tani Valley. Colonial pioneering with a distinctly fresh flavor.

Pub Date: Sept. 23rd, 1953
Publisher: Morrow