BOGWOPPIT by Ursula Moray Williams


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Some arch British foolishness as scrappy Samantha Millett, eleven, is dumped on the doorstep of misanthropic Aunt Daisy, Lady Clandoris, at the forbidding local Park. Nothing would please undauntable Sam better than to be her heir, but Aunt Daisy--who could double for the White Queen--isn't having any part of it. What finally brings them together, sort of, is a plague of bogwoppits: the presumably extinct creatures inhabit the Park's marsh, infest the house through its drains, and take Aunt Daisy prisoner. But messages carried (in part) by the One-and-Only-Bogwoppit, Sam's pet and Aunt Daisy's protector, effect Aunt Daisy's now-reluctant rescue (she'd found the bogwoppits less bothersome than people)--whereupon long-absent Uncle Ernest, Lord Clandoris, turns up from South America to say that he's been studying, of all things, bogwoppits. Samantha can have the Park, with the accommodating Prices as caretakers, and Aunt Daisy will join him at his peaceful jungle hut. Frenetic and fragile.

Pub Date: Aug. 16th, 1978
ISBN: 1408449471
Publisher: Nelson