TARGET: GERMANY by USAAF Staff of the 8th Bomber Command


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Skyways to Berlin (see P. 449) was the human side of the history of the VIII Air Force, and an excellent protagonist for daylight precision bombing. Now comes the official story of its first year over Europe, with about 150 pictures. Good reading, despite its objective, almost impersonal use of material that is in itself so dramatic that it needs no ""props"". Planning -- brief -- experimentation -- testing -- and finally -- after almost five months -- the order ""Target: Germany"". Individual and group achievements, -- daylight precision bombing of strategic industrial centers, rather than the British side of the team --night bombing of wide areas and great cities. Enough personal experience material to give occasional human glimpses, but in the main -- an overall picture of all aspects (that can be told), on a scale too large for simplification, but with results justifying the means. Accuracy, self defense, tactical deception-all conclusively proved, and submarine warfare reduced, key industries halted, great air battles fought and won, as the Nazi defense system was strengthened.

Pub Date: Dec. 7th, 1943
Publisher: Simon & Schuster