POWER AND HIDES by Val Gendron


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A border incident between a rich Mexican rancher and the Arapahoe Indians sets off a searching chain of events in the life of young Johnny Doane, son of an Army captain based at Dodge City. Though Johnny himself has no love for Indians, he is a friend of old Jed, a hunter who has spent much of his life among them. Jed wants Johnny to go on a buffalo hunt with him just when Don Pedro's meanness has given the Indians just cause for anger but Johnny is taken in when the Spaniard asks him to go on the hunt with Jed to see what he can learns of his daughter's whereabouts. But the buffalo expedition, which leads inevitably to her, is a severe testing ground for Johnny who learns the value of respect for the Indians, becomes a man when he gives up something dear to his heart for the return of the girl, and makes Don Pedro see the error of his ways. A well written story that comments thoughtfully on the tragic misunderstanding of the Indians.

Pub Date: Aug. 25th, 1954
Publisher: Longmans, Green