SEVEN TEMPEST by Vaughan Wilkins


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The elements that made And So, Victoria better than melodramatized history fall to redeem this new story of a cousin of the young Victoria's, caught in the web of political machinations, another pawn in the game of Europe, played by their Uncle Leopold. This story -- fast paced, exciting enough for sheer escape entertainment, is over-written, lush, extravagant. One might term it just such a tale as the creator of Graustark might have fashioned; it could scarcely be dignified as in the Ouida vein. Seven Tempest is the seventh illegitimate son born to a man who was an experimenter in men, -- or more exactly, in boys. With this son alone, his experimentations bore strong if bitter fruit -- and Seven turns the tables. Anne Louise, refusing to acquiesce in the plans made for her duchy and her person, disappears -- and Seven takes over. She learns much, suffers much, braves much -- and wins. There is less of history, more of story -- but it really doesn't rate very high, even as popularized history. Rentals.

Pub Date: Feb. 16th, 1942
Publisher: Macmillan