THE IMPOSSIBLE TAKES LONGER by Vera & David Tutaev Weizmann


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The memoirs of Mrs. Chaim Weizmann are invested with the qualities of character, exacting civilized standards, and independence of spirit which her collaborator, Mr. Tutaev remarks upon in his memorial foreword (Mrs. Weizmann died in 1966 after approving proofs of this book). They reveal also that Mrs. Weizmann participated in her husband's public life fully and intimately; her book is a personal record of the Zionist movement at the highest level. She writes of meeting Chaim for the first time when a medical student in Geneva (""He seemed to carry all the burdens of the Jewish world""); the thirty years in Britain fighting the Zionist cause; the years in Palestine. Personal memories of a private life lived subordinate to the public one: the loss of their pilot son Michael in World War II; the flowers on Balfour's hight table which he gave Dr. Weizmann while he lay dying; the Zionist triumphs from the Balfour Declaration to the raising of the flag over the Waldorf in 1948. An effective, expressive collaboration; valuable memorabilia.

Pub Date: Sept. 13th, 1967
Publisher: Harper & Row