DOUGLAS OF THE SUPREME COURT: A Selection of His Opinions by Vern- Ed. Countryman

DOUGLAS OF THE SUPREME COURT: A Selection of His Opinions

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Vern Countryman served as Justice Douglas' law clerk and has chosen these opinions, gleaned from the Supreme Court decisions, and representing agreement, concurrence with reservations and dissenting opinions. These selected opinions are prefaced by a brief biographical sketch, which indicates that Douglas, throughout his life, has shown drive and determination and perseverance against almost insuperable odds of physical incapacity from infantile paralysis and financial stringency that necessitated intense concentration over years to achieve his goals. His experiences in law and business, his toughness in administration of the Security Exchange Commission, his appointment to the Supreme Court at a time when it was under continual fire of criticism, and his serving under four Chief Justices each of whom changed substantially the complexion of the Court, provide an impressive background for placing his opinions in the context of the times. Hughes, Stone, Vinson, Warren --four as different men as could have been found, ran the gamut of sanctions of individual freedom and the application of the Bill of Rights. Douglas' opinions throughout are marked by undeviating, recognition of the human issues, and strike at restrictions on individual freedom. By and large, no other group of opinions could cover a wider range of major public issues, and any student of the American scene should find these stimulating and enlightening reading. Lawyers and students of the law will provide the backbone of the demand.

Publisher: Doubleday