YOUR BREAKFAST: And the People Who Make It by

YOUR BREAKFAST: And the People Who Make It

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Cereal, bread, milk, eggs, orange juice, sugar -- in these items you have the ingredients for a majority of American breakfasts. And Dr. Gruenberg and Miss Adelson, both in the education field, have brought together the facts behind these things. They take the readers of inquiring mind to the grain fields, the dairy farms, the sugar cane and beet plantations, the orange groves, the chicken farms. And they've supplied the connecting links by which the original products are processed and brought to the tables of America. The facts are there- and Kurt Wiese has given the text a lively look. But somehow there isn't that vital spark that makes it interesting reading. In the hands of a gifted teacher, children's interest might be stimulated, but the direction seems above the primary level at which the subject is usually raised, while second and third graders might feel it was talked down to them.

Pub Date: Oct. 21st, 1954
Publisher: Doubleday