BLACK FLAMINGO by Victor Canning


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Bill Sinclair, a free lance pilot who has been (unfairly) grounded, meets up with Bill Hadlow in the Congo rain forest where Hadlow has barely survived after his plane has crashed. Hadlow dies that night and Sinclair buries him, takes his papers-and then his name, which will enable him to keep flying. Attracted to stay on in that part of the world by Nina, stepdaughter of an animal-collecting Major Winton, Sinclair gets a job nearby in Bisaka, a deadspot, flying pilgrims to Mecca. Before long he is an object of unnatural interest, and a target, for Nahud, a native wants to find the real Hadlow's grave- and the diamonds buried with him, and who shares the same objective. It is Nina and Sinclair who reach the corpse a cave first, are the attempted victims of a landslide, and finally get away together this lure of wealth and evil and the Major with his mad dream of power.... A storyteller whom custom has not staled, nor time slowed down, again spins an active intrigue with distinctive elements of danger and an unusual background.

Publisher: Morrow-Sloane