KIRKLAND REVELS by Victoria Holt


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Another dusky melodrama rustles through the candlelit chambers of Kirkland Revels, a 16th century house- once an Abbey- in Yorkshire, where Cathy Corder, just 19, comes as the unannounced bride of Gabriel Rockwell. His family, his father, his older sister and her son- the alternate heir to the Revels, a half daft aunt with prophetic visions, an arrogant cousin- Simon, do not wholly welcome her, and there is more to explain in Gabriel's sudden fears and sullen evasions and, a week later, his ""suicide -- exactly like the others"". The fact that Cathy will bear Gabriel's child, presumed heir to the Revels, keeps her there, although there are many attempts to frighten her away, the apparitions. In her bedroom- of a monk, the realization that her son is not to survive. Only Simon and his mother prove to be staunch friends, help her to keep her courage up and her mind clear as it is alleged that she is going insane, and finally to reveal the real officer.... A story which takes its time to fill the reader's, and to please the readymade audience of The for a second costume drama in which sentiment and suspense and romance are femininely attired.

Publisher: Doubleday