AMERICAN CHARCUTERIE: Recipes From Pig-by-the-Tail by Victoria Wise

AMERICAN CHARCUTERIE: Recipes From Pig-by-the-Tail

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Restaurant collections can be a source of offbeat dishes that round out or jazz up the home kitchen repertoire. This one's loaded with imaginative recipes. Wise's Pig-by-the-Tall is a Berkeley bistro that features traditional and nouvelle charcuterie dishes along with a cuisine that might be characterized as California trendy and American-international eclectic. In addition to the more familiar pork, game and fowl sausages, patÉs and galantines, the charcuterie section includes a fish terrine masked with green mayonnaise and an interesting lentil-based vegetable patÉ fussed up with a spinach mousseline center. A section on preserved meats not only includes such staples as brined ham and pickled pigs feet, but also something called lamb ham. Crammed with imaginative dishes that will keep an ambitious cook very busy.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1986
Publisher: Viking