VINNIE TERESA'S MAFIA by Vincent & Thomas C. Renner Teresa


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A sequel to My Life in the Mafia, the present installment reviews Vinnie's troubles laying low in three cities with his wife and three kids while Mafia enforcers attempt to hit him for singing to Uncle Sugar. Vinnie is still in serious trouble with Meyer Lansky who, contrary to Godfather Part II, is very much alive and still caring for his heart. There's a big contract out on Vinnie and his onetime friend Butch Miceli has it. Vinnie felt somewhat safer while Butch was cooling his heels at Lewisburg, but Butch got his sentence reduced and a fast parole and is on the street again. He will hunt Vinnie until one or the other of them gets whacked. And even then, Meyer will find it hard to forgive that day in Miami when he sat watching Vinnie spill on him from the witness chair. Vinnie thinks he's pretty well disguised now: he apparently no longer weighs 325 lbs. or has his picture plastered in Argosy. He looks back over his career in which he estimates he made 150 million for the mob and blew ten million on the best of everything for himself and his family. It's very hard living on a budget these days, but he's glad he's off the street. It's not like the old days any more, too many hoods are only out for the buck -- the grand old Sicilian traditions have faded with the last of the dons. There will doubtless be a third volume of Vinnie's saga -- and he may really need a ghost writer for that one.

Pub Date: April 4th, 1975
Publisher: Doubleday