CREDOS AND QUIPS by Virginia Cary Hudson


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Ye Jigs and Juleps was the surprise best seller of the 1962 spring season. It was the collection of the author's uninhibited juvenalia written at the age of 10. redos and Quips comes from the other end of a long life. It is made up of the talks given before the author's Guild at the Calvary Episcopal Church in Louisville, Kentucky. The late Virginia Cary Hudson testified with high good humor to a lifetime in her faith. In her talks she shared her discoveries in church history and archaic credos. She spoke not as a scholar but as a delighted and absorbed worshipper. These are dotted with her memories of the rigorous training afforded candidates for confirmation in her youth. Her concluding prayer is a gusty exhortation to believe and be comforted. A short book, this should find a ready audience both within and without the circle of her own creed. It will undoubtedly benefit from the warm regard in which O Ye Jigs... is held. To be illustrated by Karla Kuskin, a well known illustrator of outstanding children's books.

Publisher: Macmillan