LOOKING FOR TROUBLE by Virginia Cowles
Kirkus Star


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Here's a fast paced journalist's record of the European theater of war. Starting with ten chapters giving the best rounded impression of Spain, Republican and Nationalist, I've seen -- and coming on up to England under the bombers. There are sections that inevitably seem a trifle dated -- the ponderings of hows and whys during the appeasement period as an example -- but all in all, a fresh and vibrant approach, filling in with lots of the details the men journalists miss, (what the women wear, food problems, etc.). She's a glutton for punishment, anywhere for a ""story"". And she keeps herself almost completely out of the picture except as a sounding board. Miss Cowles takes her chances along with all those others making journalism history these days. I found the sections on Finland particularly interesting and unhackneyed. There are passages of unusually fine writing. In other words, thoroughly good reading and an excellent resurvey of the years of war.

Pub Date: Aug. 8th, 1941
Publisher: Harper