THE OB'S by Virginia Fletcher Mercer


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Young Kit Griswald's magnificent OBSession is Natural Childbirth and he comes to Mitchell Memorial in a New England town to introduce the new (- the time is now) technique. Opposing him is Ed Barbato, Chief of Obstetrics, on personal grounds as well: Barbara Miller, the nurse Ed had loved, now becomes Griswald's-- ""chemistry ignited them to flame"" (there are no ""partial effacements"" here- all the reproductive processes are exposed). Griswald's surgical interference to save the life of one of Barbato's patients only increases Barbato's hostility and things go from bed to worse before an educational film on N.C. wins municipality approval.... Ben Casey's ""Man, woman, life, death, infinity"" is paraphrased here by Barbara-- ""Me woman, you man. It was awfully irrevocable."" Another finality Heap big bad writing.

Publisher: Chilton