MIRACLE ON MAPLE HILL by Virginia Sorensen
Kirkus Star


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For her latest story Mrs. Sorensen has picked another theme not too often examined in children's books nor nearly so well done as it is here. As Marly, JD, Joe, 12, and their mother and father, Lee and Dale, are driving from Pittsburgh to their grand mother's old country place at Maple Hill, one senses there is something wrong and gradually learns that Dale had been a prisoner of war and is now a man tired at heart and in body. His exhaustion has made him irritable and put him into a state where he can no longer work but must seek a cure in a different environment. The children feel this strongly in their own way. It makes them different people too but still full of the same hopes Lee and Dale have that Maple Hill will provide the answers. Through their season there and the people they meet and live with they all find new answers in the healthy feelings that are now allowed to grow in them as surely as the new life around them. Told only through the experiences of Marly and Joe, this is a complete and realistic family story.

Pub Date: Aug. 27th, 1956
Publisher: Harcourt, Brace