GROW A PLANT PET by Virginie Fowler Elbert


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Elbert's advice on light, water, fertilizer, trimming, and propagating is followed by the usual plant-by-plant rundown, which includes some plants with flowers and some for eating. (There goes your pet--a silly designation in any case.) But first, strangely, she sends readers out to ""the nearest plant store, supermarket, variety store,"" etc., and directs them to come straight home and repot their purchases no matter how healthy they might look as is. Perhaps administering this double shock wouldn't be necessary if some discrimination were exercised in selecting a shop and a plant. (All Elbert tells you to look at is the name label stuck into the soil.) But presumably she anticipates no trouble once the pet is potted, for this lacks the usual, useful symptom index. And would you buy a pet in a super market?

Pub Date: Nov. 4th, 1977
Publisher: Doubleday