PRAYERS FOR YOUTH by Walter Dudley Cavert


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A tiny handbook on prayer which young people in Christian fellowship will find useful. The weakness of the book however lies in its lack of organization. Here are simply 72 prayers, the majority of them original prayers planned to meet everyday needs; the remaining ones given with their sources, such as the famous Prayer of St. Francis -- or, on a more mundane level, the prayer found in Chester Cathedral. The prayers show a deep understanding of youth's needs:- the need for self understanding, for forgiveness, courage, ambition; for help in the round of school and life,- examinations, study, driving a car; problems of home and parents, marriage, seeking a job. There is not a particularly high spiritual level here. The focus is on the need-and value-of the habit of prayer.

Pub Date: May 7th, 1962
Publisher: Abingdon Press