CAROLINE HICKS by Walter Karig


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Forever Amber"" once again- in pallid imitation country cousin, come to post-war Washington. She doesn't quite know what it is all about, and the female boarding house indoctrinates her by successive jolts, while inadequate education, complete naivete, and inability to take her liquor combine to give her experiences without seasoning. All she seems to want is another man. Scarcely a backward look for the romantic passion lately indulged in. Her rootes, Shirley and Margaret, did what they could; Shirley by dirty stories which Caroline never understood -- and later by a few home truths which she resented; Margaret by precept and example of righteousness and true love. But Caroline barged ahead, took what came her way, and courted disaster. And this reader, for one, hopes she got her just deserts. A boring and dirty book with smaller justification than most of its kind.

Pub Date: Feb. 22nd, 1950
Publisher: Rinehart