CRIME AND THE: A Psychiatric AnaLysis of Crime & Punishment by Walter M.D. Bromberg

CRIME AND THE: A Psychiatric AnaLysis of Crime & Punishment

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Au enlargement and revision of Crime and The Mind - An Outline of Psychiatric Criminology, published in 1948 by Lippincott, this is a study and analysis Of the meaning of crime and punishment in our society, with the former treated not as an inhuman, atavistic phenomenon, but as a recognizable, corrigible form of human behavior derived from destructive and acquisitive aggressive tendencies and psychophysiological needs. Dr. Bromberg, a Freudian psychiatrist, Considers the history of penology and jurisprudence, crimes of passive-aggressive nature, homosexuality, sexual deviation, drug addiction, the business crime, the crime of business, and the future of therapy in a thorough work studded with case studies, bibliographies, and the extensive references to the various theories of criminology. He concludes: ""The total problem must be left on the doorstep of society."" He suggests, in the area of prevention, that crime is ""a dramatic event and should be approached in the same genre"" advocating the use of television in a series of indepth studies...A standard Freudian work up-dated.

Pub Date: Sept. 6th, 1965
Publisher: Macmillan