FREE TO ACT: How to Star in Your Own Life by Warren Robertson

FREE TO ACT: How to Star in Your Own Life

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Acting teacher discovers secret of life: all the world is a stage. Or something like that. The theory is that if one applies acting techniques to life, one can be what one wants to be. Parse personality into desirable and undesirable characteristics, then choose the appropriate ones to change the way the world sees you. A case in point: the teacher himself, who, upon induction into the army was mistaken for a football player and shipped off to Japan to play on a pigskin-crazed general's team. Our hero watched how football players acted, and, in effect, became a football player, and a good one, he tells us. For two whole years. Robertson (who actually has some reputation for imparting thespian skills) instructs us in the same way that he instructed Inger Stevens and others. One exercise is called ""Sexual Tennis."" ""Stand a few feet apart and confront each other with your chosen intention,"" he tells us. ""But as you do that, imagine that you are trying to bounce a ball back and forth and you can only use your hips and pelvis to do so."" This will free the body by introducing new movements. If you find such freedom necessary. Or desirable.

Pub Date: June 6th, 1978
Publisher: Putnam