THE NOSE TREE by Warwick--Adapt. & Illus. Hutton


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The pictures have a certain amount of class--though not much feeling or vitality as illustrations. The story is a good one--in an undistinguished telling. So whether it's worthwhile or not is a toss-up. On the story side, the three woebegone soldiers are summarily presented with their three magic gifts by ""a small, ugly"" man (after barely a chance, or none at all, to demonstrate their worthiness); the story virtually stops when the one who has a magic cloak wishes for a castle, and they move in--only later, ""to amuse themselves,"" setting off for the king's palace where the princess will in one way or another get the magic gifts from them. And this too is done ""in no time at all,"" and with no real excitement or suspense. It's only when the first soldier eats the fatal apples, and his nose begins to grow, that one really begins to wonder--or care--what happens next. And by then it may be too late for most.

Pub Date: Sept. 9th, 1981
Publisher: Atheneum