THE SUNBIRD by Wilbur Smith


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A lavish, long-playing fantasia -- a spectacle -- Land-Rovering into the heart of Central Africa and discovering a civilization of 2000 years in the ghost City of the Moon where buried treasure, the wealth of 47 kings of Opet, is perhaps to be had. Taking part in the enterprise is an archaeologist, Ben Kazin, and his assistant Sally, the girl he loves, and both are in the employ of one of the 30 richest men in the world, Lauren, who is anxious to acquire everything -- even Sally. There are bushmen and hijackers, pottery and mummies and scrolls writ in the ancient Punic of Carthage, before, in opening the last doorway, Lauren submits to the curse of the Pharaohs (the toxic neuromyces) while Ben sinks... into a dark dream. The second and at times interminable part of the book is the dream wherein parts of the original situation are replayed and Ben appears as the earlier Sunbird, by name, perhaps appropriately, Huy. Ail of it is designed to catch the large imaginations of those ongoing small boys and it's carbon-dated early King Solomon's Mines.

Pub Date: July 6th, 1973
ISBN: 142998094X
Publisher: Doubleday