INTERVAL IN CAROLINA by William Abrahams


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Another first novel (Venture Press book) in minor key -- the story of a love story tuned to six Saturday nights, (there end by being only four), conditioned by the intransigeance of army life, intensified by the pressure of so little time. This is the story of Wally Young, not too long out of Harvard and still self-inflated with the cultural notions of a Cambridge campus and of Nora, intelligentsia sophisticate. In contrast, there is Jeanie, met in a Carolina army town, Jeanie, simpler and sweeter than Nora, a little obvious and very vulnerable and with whom he does not want to get involved, realizing from the start that he won't come back to her. He sleeps with her, loves her in a way -- and leaves her with abrupt finality. A not too sentimental interlude, presented with so pretense and no illusion, with no justification but some poignsey.. None of the shock tactics of Shere Leave of its more sensational appeal, this is a modulated, cleancut transcript of today.

Pub Date: Aug. 24th, 1945
Publisher: Simon & Schuster