BOTTOM-UP MANAGEMENT by William B. Jr. Given
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Many far-sighted leaders in business and industry are working on the basis of a philosophy of ""bottom up management"" -- but so far as we know, nobody has given it concrete form in a book for others to read as does William Given, president of the American Brake Shoe Company in this provocative book. He presents the case for encouraging the initiative down the line, for allowing scope for mistakes if unavoidable, for building a sense of participation at every level. He does this through actual evidence of the workability of the philosophy on a practical basis, as manifested on his own plants and foundries. He shows the flexibility of the plan which can be adapted to the needs of other forms of business. He analyzes procedure, mechanisms, applications, using human incident and experience by way of illustration. Exceedingly readable and inspiring. A book to put in industrial and business libraries, to call to attention of business leaders.

Pub Date: Aug. 10th, 1949
Publisher: Harper