DON'T GO NEAR THE WATER by William Brinkley


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Having to do with life in the western Pacific Public Relations Section of the giant ComFleets command, this particularizes the liaison subtleties of one Ensign Max Siegel, Correspondent's Aide, whose activities often go far beyond the line of duty. For while he is rescuing impossible operations from wreckage, mostly on the island of Tulura, he is also wooing a descendant of Magellan, Melora Alba, whose father is not easily won over by an American. Persuading the islanders to dress like islanders for a picture, manoeuvring an Admiral into a popular figure, building up a ""Joe Blow"" character for local home papers, and unfouling other ""think big"" ideas of his ex., -- all accompany his pursuit of Melora, and her dream of a school house for her pupils. The peace that follows the bomb winds up his Naval duties and opens up a future with Melora. There's farce more than fun in the episodes, with the humor in the slickness of the situations and the absurdities of the characters, and it has a popular swing in its talk -- and its sex. A good time to be had by (almost) all.

Pub Date: July 16th, 1956
Publisher: Random House