DEADLINE by William Corbin


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Not at the clip of an oncoming deadline, but nevertheless with a certain informative seat moves this novel of a cub reporter on a small city newspaper. Eighteen year old Dan Logan comes to the St. Giles Evening Standard from a family background of a famous reporter father who was martyred by the Communists in Czecho-Slovakia, and a rich aunt and uncle whose smothering affection he wants to escape. On the Standard he goes through the routines of contending with tough editors, falling in love with Pat, the copy girl, writing wordy stories, having scoop dream after scoop dream pop, and finally- landing in jail and discovering corruption there that forces the Standard into a political somersault in the name of the truth. Dan's career is slightly romantic but his yen for the yarn activities should captivate hopefuls and pump them full of information about newspaper life.

Pub Date: Sept. 8th, 1952
Publisher: Coward-McCann