PROJECT: SCOOP by William D. Hayes


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At odd intervals you could expect a new issue of the Franklin School News Gazette to come dribbling luke-warm and ink-smeared off the press of Doopla Junior, the Little Wonder Duplicating Machine. The seven stories included here stem from lead articles in the Gazette--all controversial at least in terms of the tenuous relationship between Pete, the Editor and Mr. Henhauser, the school principal. Pete's nose for news sniffed out what his public wanted to read, while Mr. Henhauser plugged for serious, intellectual articles. The slapstick incidents are highly unlikely; the dialogue is slick and sophisticated, and the Pete/Henhauser dialogues are equivalent to the husband and wife routines popular with so many comedians. Comparable to, but a few laugh decibles below Pete's previous appearance in Project: GENIUS (1962).

Pub Date: Sept. 6th, 1966
Publisher: Atheneum