HOSTAGES TO PEACE: Parents and the Children of Democracy by William E. Blatz
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HOSTAGES TO PEACE: Parents and the Children of Democracy

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A timely book, by a leader in the field of progressive education, and a man whose works are widely read by child study groups, P. T. A. and parents generally. This volume concerns the guidance of child behaviour in time of war and the disciplining for future conduct as adults, so conditioning them that eventually war becomes unnecessary. From the observation of the primary instincts, to the teaching of control, the patience with learning, the desired result of independent security (not necessarily safety) through education, his main precepts are that war is not instinctive -- that emotions are useful experiences when properly directed, that discipline is a plan of education not dependent on punishment, retaliation or sentiment, that suggestion succeeds rather than force, patience rather than commands, the challenge of insecurity makes for progress when it is accepted. Children should be educated to meet crises. Controversial but worthwhile.

Pub Date: June 5th, 1940
Publisher: Morrow