POEM STEW by William--Ed. Cole


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Morris Bishop's ""Song of the Pop-Bottlers"" ("". . . When Pop drops pop-bottles/ Pop-bottles plop!/ Pop-bottle-tops topple!/ Pop mops slop!. . .""), Louis Phillips' dim view of eating ""peas porridge,"" Jack Prelutsky's gloppy mess that once was ""Herbert Glerbett,"" X. J. Kennedy's ""Father Loses Weight"" (police cruisers are on the watch for the missing pound), Shel Silverstein's look at a lamb or chicken dinner ""from the dinner's point of view,"" John Updike's lament on cold cocoa, Gelett Burgess' ""Table Manners"" (all about the disgusting Goops), and other, generally milder amusements by Dennis Lee, John Ciardi, and Cole himself are among the yeasty morsels served up here for idle snacking. This is just a side dish in a light verse collection, but it goes down easy as alligator pie.

Pub Date: Sept. 9th, 1981
Publisher: Lippincott