PROJECT: GENIUS by William Hayes
Kirkus Star


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Is there a young scientist on your horizon? You -- and he -- will both rejoice in the kooky escapades of Pete Sheldon, as he sets out grimly determined to win a free trip to the state Science Fair. The award is to go to the best original outside project and things start popping. He and his sidekick Chet Join the after-school Science Club, under the guidance of the very permissive Mr. Stroop. A succession of experiments produces unexpected results: Pete accidentally tapes a sequel to a popular program, ""Jungle Geraldline"", and sends the principal into a panic of stark terror; he ascends Four Peaks Hill armed with the lab telescope, and his carefully projected calculations to prove to himself and Chet that the earth is round send them unexpectedly back into the Middle Ages: he gets his baby brother on as a feature for a local TV program, only to have him produce evidence of having absorbed Pete's oral vocabulary studies instead of the typical gurgling syllables. Fissco after but Pete persists. And in the end the winning project is coincidence rather than choice. Pete mounts Four peaks again and this time discovers a mirage and the proof positive that the earth is round. Light-hearted entertainment with scientific underlines.

Pub Date: Aug. 17th, 1962
Publisher: Atheneum