THE BEST OF BOTTS by William Hazlett Lison


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These stories of Alexander Botts and his sales of Earthworm Tractors begin with his application for a job and his first day of work in 1920 and continue, through the exchange of letters and telegrams with Gilbert Henderson his superior, to 1959. There are episodes all over the United States. In wartime France and New Guinca; in spite of every rebuff Botts demonstrates the practicability of his tractor and makes his sales. Getting a stolen tr returned, running his machine on schnapps, utilizing the Mobi Strip to speed up the transfer of wounded. Learning from aptitude tests that he is especially fitted for selling, devising means for lessening income tax headaches, racing with one competitor and showing up another and complaining about the lack of cooperation given him by Henderson and the company, Botts can be counted on to snatch success from apparently disastrous results. Collected from earlier books, these are durable yarns of masculine, go-getting appeal.

Publisher: McKay