BE NOT CONTENT by William J. Craddock


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Although tagged as a novel, this has been ""lived"" by the author, and although bearing the imprimatur ""a Doubleday Projection book,"" by this time it's all pretty retrospective. In other words another easy-riding tour of the ""slum decade"" which would be easier reading if something were happening between ""you and him and us and them and it and what's happening. . . . "" Looking for the road, even though ""this is where it's all at,"" is Abel Egregore who smokes his first joint at 14, joins the outlaws in Oakland, and moves on to something stronger to make his search with its background of cops, busts, the draft, landlords--all the lesser hangups. There are his friends; there are assorted psychedelicacies; and finally there's one Wow really extended freakout before he thinks of ""crawling back to bullshit."" Like he says, ""Waiting out a bad trip takes forever."" Close to it, unless you're looking for a further documentary of all that ""negativity.

Pub Date: March 20th, 1970
Publisher: Doubleday