HOW TO AVOID WORK by William J. Reilly


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A catchy title for a book which defines work as ""doing something you don't enjoy"" (what a negative approach!). The author proceeds to describe how anyone can find the thing that is fun to do, and still earn a living. He explains new subdivisions in selected fields; how to test your basic abilities, how to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of what you think is your choice, how to work out the arguments of not enough time, not enough money, outside pressures, etc. He has based his book on case histories in the National Institute for Straight Thinking, of which the author is founder and director. This is a self help book for those dissatisfied with the ""work"" they do, for the round page looking for round holes. Perhaps he makes it all sound too easy, but he does it with a practical approach and useful material.

Pub Date: March 16th, 1949
Publisher: Harper