THE FOLDED LEAF by William Maxwell


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Without the particular charm of They Came Like Swallows, this is a substantial yet sensitive study of adolescence, of the awkwardness, the embarrassment of early experiences -- and in particular the too dogged devotion of Lymie Peters for Spud Latham, his only friend. Together through high school and college years in the midwest, the undersized and lonely Lymie rewards the protective patronage of Spud with blind acquiescence, admires Spud for the physical endowments and prowesses he lacks, is unshakeably faithful even when Spud drops him to join a fraternity. A final effort to mend the friendship, further damaged by Spud's unwarranted jealousy of Lymie and his girl, ends only in rejection and Lymie --more alone than ever -- attempts to suicide. A realistically acute -- if modulated -- story, with greater literary distinction than popular appeal.

Pub Date: April 4th, 1945
ISBN: 0679772561
Publisher: Harper