SEVEN LIES SOUTH by William P. McGivern


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In Mirimar, a little Spanish town of ""all national, political and sexual complexions"" Mike Beecher, a wartime flyer, is not ready to accept the ground rules of marriage and the mortgage and is thinking it out. His attraction- on sight- to the casually available Laura makes him susceptible to an offer to work for Don Willie, an offensive Prussian, not realizing that the job involves murder- and piloting a plane out of the country with Laura, and a second rate Britisher, aboard. So is Willie, and his ""protegee"", the innocent Ilse who had tried to keep Mike out of this. The plane is stranded in the desert and Ilse saves Mike's life; the Englishman dies; and Laura clears out with two migrant Berbers. Mike's escape, and Ilse's, brings him back to Mirimar with at least a steadier sense of purpose... An itinerant international intrigue covers a lot of ground and keeps up a fast patter and a furious pace equal to the demands of a somewhat overdeveloped plot. You'll hold on.

Publisher: Dodd, Mead