THE OLD BOAT ROCKER by William S. Mudd
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We don't know why we failed to getgalleys on this. The report here given, came to us from one of the subscribers to the service, who wanted to be sure the rest of you didn't miss it. ""Here's Mr. Dooley in modern dress, and a delicious, provocative, refreshing and altogether original slant on the New Deal. A newspaper man was asked to get the story of what a small town in the far south thought of the New Deal. This is his answer:- a browsing around among the citizens, and a canny noting of what they think and see and feel. There's an undercurrent of common sense and sound criticism, while on the surface, the misapplication of the tenets of the New Deal cause many heartburns and many chuckles. A book for anti-administration readers primarily. Though its humor is so contagious that no one can resist it.

ISBN: 0548070555
Publisher: Dodd, Mead