THE BEAUTIFUL COUPLE by William Woolfolk


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It's the Geis or sex in the sixties, a carpetbagful of exhibitionism in Hollywood, Rio, London. Mr. Woolfolk's beautiful couple (he's scripted everything from comics to The Defenders to a couple of better bad books) are Jacquelyn Stuart and Brian O'Neal whose marriage is presumably breaking up. They're both love objects of particular puissance and in flashback here- Brian with any number of women, now in London trying to raise money for a serious film; Jacquelyn with any number of men and several husbands, including one who is literally laid to rest, a heart attack in her bed. The book has been written on the installment plan and the characters, except for certain appurtenances which seem to be made of gutta percha, are lifeless as well as faceless.

Pub Date: Aug. 12th, 1968
Publisher: World-NAL