MY NAME IS MORGAN by William Woolfolk


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Jack Morgan, born Jacob Moscowitz (who vaguely suggests Mike Todd) is a rugged, ruthless, sometimes vulgar and daring showman whose prodigious energies are expended mainly toward two ends in this interesting, well paced, sprawling and somewhat cliche-spattered first novel: namely the production of a Hollywood spectacular, The Apostles and the wooing of Anne Allen, the screen's reigning glamour girl. Morgan is seen as he lies, cheats, swindles, even blackmails to scrape up another stop-gap million or so here, secure a valuable piece of talent there, and dodge criminal proceedings almost everywhere. One is fascinated, sometimes to the point of grudging admiration- without respect. And the hundreds of supporting characters and several backgrounds from here to the Coast are all realistic enough. If there can never be any real involvement, the fault may lie with Larry Whirter, a thoroughly unsympathetic young businessman intended to serve as the reader's emotional yardstick.... The scale is big- not grand, but there's a certain pace and glitter which may mean box office. Watch it.

Pub Date: Feb. 8th, 1962
Publisher: Doubleday