LANDS BEYOND by Willy de Camp L. Sprague & Ley


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An interesting run-through of what people in other times believed about the worlds they knew and how their beliefs and superstitions have carried through, even into the scientific world of today, with these ancient worlds compared with the actuality that modern knowledge has disclosed. From the origins of the myth of the Lost Atlantic, to the projections of Homer and Pliny, on to Prester John and the 10 lost tribes, to the great dreams that led to global voyages, the Western world and the Sargasso Sea, to South America and concepts of the world's shape, here are the travelers' tales, the fabrications that were added and amplified, the color and distortion that danger and peril contributed. here is a zestful geographical round-up which combines fact, legend and literature in equally interested parts.

Publisher: Rinehart