ARISE TO CONQUER by Wing Commander Ian B.F.C.  Gleed


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The other side of the mirror from the philosophical flight record (as evidenced by St. Eupery) is this literal, daily record of an English youth of 23 in the RAF. Young, external, strictly masculine, this is an authentic seeming picture of a fighter squadron. Gleed tells of the first sortie over England in 1939, then of a last flight in which he cracked up; then of his return to the RAF -- and of France, where he was stationed until its fall. Patrols -- action flights -- the loss of pilots the chalking up of Meerschmitts -- and eventually the D.F.C. for his service as leader and fighter. Nothing literary or philosophic, just a candid, simply spoken record of a job done and likeable in the telling.

ISBN: 1906502935
Publisher: Random House