MEETINGS, MEETINGS: How to Manipulate Them and Make Them More Fun by Winston Fletcher

MEETINGS, MEETINGS: How to Manipulate Them and Make Them More Fun

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Clever types abound, and meetings are an easy target--but British adman Fletcher keeps a nice, productive balance between light banter and serious appraisal. At times, you might suspect him of writing a spoof: ""Psychologist N. R. F. Maier has shown that solutions to problems will be accepted and adopted by groups when they have been put forward by the most talkative member. Robert F. Bales's researches arrived at the same conclusion, which was finally proved beyond question by Henry W. Riseken. . . ."" But these are bona fide researches, and Fletcher has incorporated lots of them in his counsels. Meeting-goers are divided into five personality-types: ""Talkies,"" worth cultivating, are one. Seven ""deadly"" meeting skills are described--including the intricacies of Interrogation. Re chairing a meeting, reference is made to the role of Facilitator--as put forth in Doyle and Straus' ""popular How to Make Meetings Work."" But Fletcher distinctly doesn't buy other problem-solvers (brainstorming, for one) and doesn't credit other gurus--notably, Herb Cohen. This is cagier, subtler stuff--topped off by 21 key stratagems. Among them: the value of volunteering to write a report and ""the disarming power of laughter."" Provocative and not impracticable.

Pub Date: Feb. 22nd, 1983
Publisher: Morrow