A PASSAGE OF HAWKS by Wirt Williams


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An airing of some disorderly conduct on the Delta begins with the promiscuity of Roberta Frayne, rich white trash and a rather vicious slut, whose husband Arnold has been incapacitated physically and morally by her activities. But through Maida Kronsky Arnold regains his self-esteem and Maida is willing to fight for the man she loves and she attempts to secure evidence against Roberta for a divorce action. This ricochets so that when Roberta is accidentally murdered, Maida is vulnerable to the blackmail, monetary and sexual, of the dissolute character she has recruited to help her. The crime is concealed from Arnold as well until at the close Maida is forced to make her reparations alone, and she kills and is killed in her attempt to protect him. Nothing really to offend-although certainly nothing to recommend- even if this is presumably readymade for the pornogram on the plastic cover.

Pub Date: April 2nd, 1963
Publisher: McGraw-Hill