LAUGH TILL YOU CRY by Wolf Mankowitz


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The eastaway who encounters another type of civilization is the springboard for young Rantz life on the lsland of Ditt. A salesman of the family's joke products, Rantz ins immunity through the use of his products and liven to learn the mechanics of their society which is dependent on both rich and poor continuing to be so; on a complicated social structure which forces men to feed on one another; and on a festered life which is pathologically mean, maliciously aggressive and sexually unsatisfactory. In attempting to explain his life at home to Kula, he finds it hard to prove his people's superior customs but when, in saving his precious store of ""magic"", he succumbs to the island's practices, ""buys"" his competitors, drives them off -- Kula runs away. When he accomplishes his last coup, he is deserted, driven by loneliness to the jungle, and from there to the new community that the dispossessed, now shorn of their old culture, have established and he helps to build a communal, free and uncomplicated settlement. Accentuating an extreme, this comments, as ""An Advertisement"" (for the Rantz Joke Company whose by-line is ""Laugh Till You Cry""), in detail against a world without a benevolent force, on marginal man, and offenses against nature and makes many a point with pseudo-sociological skill. To be illustrated by Heather Standring. It will not perhaps hold the market of his likable A Kid Tow Farthings.

Pub Date: April 18th, 1955
Publisher: Dutton